Land Rover launches light-dependent campaign

Land Rover, Hello and LUMO have launched a light-dependent digital billboard campaign with a focus on motorist safety.

Leveraging a real-time open weather application programming interface (API) to track the sun’s movement, the digital billboards spring into activity at twilight every day, as the light changes and motorists run a higher risk of crashing.

New research from The University of Auckland suggests daylight savings is linked to an increase in motor vehicle accidents.

The data suggests 5pm–7pm is a recurring peak for crashes, with 21 percent of all crashes resulting in injury when the driver didn’t see the other party.

Ben Montgomery, Operations Manager at Giltrap Group, says: “While Range Rover is synonymous with the luxury market, safety remains paramount for our drivers and every other motorist throughout the country.

“The digital out of home effectively mirrors our intuitive automatic headlamps, and we’re proud to bring this to the attention of other drivers, especially at high-volume intersections across the digital network.”

Damon O’Leary, Creative Director at Hello, adds: “It’s easy to forget to flick your lights on during twilight.

“The idea is a simple reminder to all drivers to check their lights are on, along with a cheeky nod to the brand’s strong British heritage.”

Phil Clemas, CEO at LUMO, says they’ve worked closely with the team at Hello to drive more creativity in their screens.

“We’re constantly pushing both agencies and clients to leverage the powerful technology in our screens and think beyond static billboards. Land Rover now leads the pack.”

The campaign is currently running across the LUMO network.

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