Lambilton, Beanstown, Parmesan North: Pak ‘n Save renames Kiwi cities

Pak ‘n Save has given New Zealand a tasty makeover in an ‘NZ Made Deals’ campaign, via FCB, that has seen the country’s towns and cities renamed after food.

The campaign was designed to showcase Pak ’n Save’s local affinity and Kiwi products, says FCB general manager for retail Kamran Kazalbash, and to do that, the 30-second TVC features Stick Man giving a tour of the newly named locations, including Lambilton, Bluffin, Winekato River, Grape Reinga, Beanstown, Ninety Mile Peach and Hokey-Pokey-Tika.

“We are fortunate with Stick Man that he gives us a little bit of a licence to be a bit cheeky and often do things you wouldn’t expect from a supermarket brand,” Kazalbash says.

Extending onto Pak ‘n Save’s Facebook page, the campaign has called for Kiwis to get involved, asking them to create food-related names for their own hometowns or cities. The post saw more than 2,000 comments with suggestions, including Porkland, Invercargrill, Beef Welington, Smore, Wontonaka, Garden Salad City, Piehere, Bagel Tasman and Timar-asu.

Kazalbash says it is really pleased with the response because having customers chiming in with their own suggestions is a good indication that the campaign is engaging and really resonates.

The TVC and social media efforts were also supported on MetService, with the weather service’s map including the food-related town and city names.

Kazalbash says the platform was the perfect fit for a campaign intended to spread the entire breadth of the country.

“We wanted to find a delivery mechanism that would showcase that well and we were actually looking at a map and we thoughts ‘where do you often find a map?’ And that’s the weather.”

He says when looking into MetService, it found Kiwis have an obsession with the weather with over 200,000 people visiting the site each week.

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