Kill the lights: Samsung uses nightlife to show off the possibilities of its latest smartphone models

Samsung has launched the second iteration of its local campaign via Colenso BBDO following the ‘Now you can’ initiative. The ad focuses on the light capabilities of the Galaxy S7 and Edge camera, using young, lively people enjoying their nighttime experiences in a variety of ways to get the message across.

The ad, directed by Riley Blakeway and produced by Robbers Dog, focuses on how Kiwis can capture the best of their nighttime experiences by not killing them with harsh light.

It documents the after dark adventures of groups capturing life at night in a Skins-like fashion, pushing the S7 and S7 Edge as the perfect companion for low light experiences, according to a release, using the tagline ‘Capture the night, don’t ruin it’.

And as anyone who has stayed out in bars or clubs late enough to experience a sudden harsh flood of light killing the vibe, illuminating everyone’s insecurities can likely attest, mood lighting in nighttime situations is key.

The release says the locally inspired approach has hit a chord with mobile buyers, with the video accumulating over 500,000 video views across YouTube and Facebook and helping to drive sales that have put Samsung in the number one spot in a hotly contested market.

Samsung marketing director Mike Cornwell says: “Following the success of the first campaign, which communicated the experiences that could be had through the GS7’s water resistant feature, we decided to embark on a second phase activity which would shift the focus onto the Galaxy S7’s superior low light camera”.

Aaron Turk, creative director at Colenso BBDO says: “We’ve all tried capturing photos at night on our mobile phones. Unless you use a flash, which blows out everyone’s face and blinds them in the process, you end up with a very grainy out of focus image. The beauty of the Galaxy S7 is that it can capture these moments without killing them with harsh light and that resonates with an audience that’s all about sharing life’s experiences as they happen.”

Samsung’s previous spot ‘Now you can‘ showed people participating in activities like mountain biking and rock jumping in a bid to showcase the water-resistance of the phone.  

The ad was also popular with audiences, reaching 700,00 views across YouTube and Facebook in less than a week.

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