Kargo and Adelaide team up to deliver better media quality metrics for brands and publishers

Adelaide, leader in evidence-based media quality measurement, has announced a partnership with Kargo, the leader in creating best-in-class digital advertising experiences for brands, publishers and audiences. This will make Kargo the first SSP to measure inventory using Adelaide’s omnichannel media quality metric, AU.

Adelaide provides comprehensive measurement of the media Kargo buys, giving Kargo clients another layer of quality and control.

“We’re always looking for partners that provide additional insights and analytics for our brands, and Adelaide provides that with their attention-based metrics. Our unique relationship with Adelaide ensures that our media buyers get direct access to their attention-based metrics,” says Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO at Kargo.

Viewability is an accredited industry standard, but as a binary metric it does not consider proven quality signals like clutter and page geometry, making it a poor proxy for media quality. Adelaide’s AU moves beyond viewability by evaluating hundreds of contextual and environmental indicators of quality across channels, formats, and devices. By increasing the transparency of media quality, AU helps brands understand the true value of their media investment and uncover optimisation opportunities that drive more efficient and impactful results. Kargo now offers this next level in attention-based quality control to buyers directly on its platform to help brands go deeper with their targeting and performance management.

“As the first SSP to run inventory directly in the Adelaide platform, Kargo is a true leader in quality and transparency for brands. This partnership provides our customers a new level of insight into the media they buy, which drives better advertiser outcomes. Beyond improving media performance, our partnership moves the industry one step closer to establishing a vital component of any healthy market: a shared understanding of quality and value among media buyers and sellers,” says Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide. 

Kargo provides premium advertising experiences that deliver unique opportunities for brands. With exclusive products like Kargo’s Social Canvas and Branded Takeover, quality is a top priority to help both brands and publishers attain maximum performance. Adelaide’s approach to measuring attention, rather than simply evaluating placement quality based only on a viewability metric, provides a more nuanced and intelligent set of insights that empower brands and publishers to make media decisions that work towards their goals and quality standards.

“The partnership with Adelaide allows our clients to factor in attention as a metric across multiple publishers, ad placements, and countries. This is hugely beneficial in providing a new layer of information to media buyers about making sure their digital media spend is working harder. As the cookie continues to decline, we will see attention gain importance and we are excited to be on the ground floor working with Adelaide to pioneer this new and evolving opportunity,” adds Rob Leach, GM APAC at Kargo.

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