Indefinable taste of yellow defined by Yellow

New Zealand’s “most anticipated chocolate bar”, Yellow Chocolate, hits supermarket shelves nationwide today, signifying the end of a long road for Josh Winger, who accepted the mission to create the world’s first yellow tasting chocolate bar using companies sourced only from Yellow – books, online, mobile and maps.

When researching flavours for the Taste of Yellow Chocolate, Winger drew inspiration from his travels around New Zealand, his favourite breakfast (French toast with maple syrup and banana) and his mum’s desserts, but eventually came to the conclusion that most people preferred flavours like pineapple, banana and maple syrup over things like lemon and honey.

“The taste of Yellow is hard to put your finger on, but it has a mixture of familiar flavours that blend together to create something entirely unique,” he says.

He followed this sentence up with a completely nonsensical one: “When I tasted the Yellow Chocolate bar for the first time, I was actually stunned by how much it tastes like yellow.”

Apparently, that stunning final yellow flavour tastes “yellow, fruity, zingy and sweet”.

Winger employed the services of 45 Yellow businesses to get the job done. And now he’s off to his favourite breaks to catch up some surfing before looking for a job.

Yellow marketing director Kellie Nathan says Winger developed a huge following, with more than 94,000 website visits since September, more than 68,000 unique visitors since September, people spending an average of four minutes on the site, 14,630 Facebook fans (three times more than John Key) and 791 followers on Twitter. So today is the day for him, his supporters, and the Yellow businesses who have been involved, to celebrate a ‘job done’.

“We wanted to prove that just about any mission could be completed using Yellow — the book, online or mobile. And I think we’ve done that,” Nathan says.

The multi award-winning Yellow Treehouse integrated campaign was a very hard act to follow, and there seemed to be more confusion surrounding this more non-specific, obtuse idea.

Limited edition Yellow Chocolate bars are on shelves at Countdown, Woolworths and Foodtown stores around New Zealand for a RRP of $1.99.

No word on whether the next campaign will involve Yellow Snow.

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