If you could only choose seven women to save, who would they be?

That is the question asked by Colenso BBDO’s compelling Save Seven campaign for NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

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As well as creating a powerful cinema spot and TVC featuring seven very different women speaking candidly about their experiences fighting breast cancer, the real mission of the project is getting New Zealanders to choose the seven friends or family members they would save. They can choose to share the powerful vignette’s with them, by email or social media, and so increase the chances of them getting a check up.  And check ups save lives. It’s a simple, hard hitting and very very effective campaign, judging by the thousands of views it’s had on Youtube, and the comments left behind.

Behind each of the seven woman’s dialogue is a short film made by a different director.  They didn’t pick seven because it’s such a lucky number, but because seven women are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand every day. The film is dedicated to the seven women who have shared their stories to make other women breast aware. Their message is to urge women that if they feel a change, to get it checked, because early detection is vital to survive this disease.  So what are you waiting for? Check those puppies out.

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Jane’s story: “I’m Jane Sweeney and I run a PR relations firm in Auckland. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009 and went from diagnosis to cure in under a month. I was determined that breast cancer would not define me, but what it taught me was to love life more. Now I want to experience all of life’s great things and of course spend more time with my fabulous 3 sons and husband. Sometimes I don’t really understand people who have glasses that are half empty or half full because all I know is that mine is always running over.”

Talent: Jane Sweeney
Director: Jae Morrison
Producer: Katie Knight
Music Licensing: Franklin Rd & Jonathan Hughes
Music Composition & Performance: Jonathan Besser (www.jonathanbesser.com)
Sound Recording/Mix: Images and Sound
Audio Engineer: James Hayday
Head of Sound / Managing Partner: Steve Finnigan
Managing Director: Melanie Langoltz
DOP / Edit & Post: Jae Morrison
FX: Blockhead
Flame: Mike Robinson
Producer: Angela Jackson Betts
Hair & Makeup: Claudia Rodrigues
Gear Rental: Kingsize Studios
Special thanks to: Jane’s Family, Adrienne Sutton, The Staff at Porter Novelli, Dr Alexander Ng, Dr Stephen Mills, The Staff at the Manurewa Super, Clinic, Mt Eden Church of Life, Facebook Buddies who supplied Images, Flickr Creative Commons Contributors, Zoe Hawkins, Kia Heinnen, Levi Slavin, Jen Storey, Paul Courtney, Tim Ellis, Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney


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Helena’s story: “I’m Helena McAlpine and I am 32 years old. I decided to make my experience with breast cancer a positive thing. So I shared my journey with as many people as possible because Cancer was not going to kill me. Women from all over the world contacted me and most of them got their breasts checked as a result. I had a full mastectomy and reconstruction, chemo and radiation therapy. I can’t deny that it wasn’t much fun, but the whole process was made easy by the support and dedication of my family and friends.”

Talent: Helena McAlpine
Director: Zia Mandviwalla
Producer: Chelsea Winstanley
Executive Producer: Matt Noonan
Animator: Suneil Narsai
DOP: Grant McKinnon
Sound: Gabriel Muller
Music Design: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper
Audio Post Facility: Franklin Rd
Flame Artist: Ken Stewart
Curious Post Production
Production Co. Curious

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Kat’s story: “My name is Kat Wong. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to NZ when I was two years old. My mother had passed away from Ovarian Cancer when I was a child. I dreamt of pursuing a career in performing arts and trained as an actress at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School in Wellington. In 2010, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had successful surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments and am now working part-time again. I will continue to pursue acting in the future.”

Talent: Kat Wong
Talent: Roseanne Laing
Talent: Steven McKinney
Executive Producer: James Moore
Director: James Solomon
Producer: Leela Menon
DOP: Duncan Cole
DOP (pick up shoot): Marty Williams
Sound Recordist: Mike Westgate/Gabriel Muller
Gaffer/Grip: Fraser McKay
Best Boy: Alex Jenkins
Art Director: Hayley Williams
Make-up Artist/SFX Make-up: Emma Peters
Production Assistant/Data: Richard Simkins
Camera Assistant (interview): Manuel Castelltort
Offline Editor: Nathan Pickles
Online Facility/Grade: Fish Digital
Online Editors: Andrew Timms & Mat Ellin
Sound Design/Mix: Envy Studios
Sound Designer/Mixer: Vedat Kiyici
Foley Artist: Samantha Jukes
Music: Yulia, Ice Reign, Goodnight Little Robot Child & Frack (C Nikkel) Copyright Control, Performed by Princess Chelsea, Courtesy of Lil’ Chief Records. Additional compositions by Princess Chelsea, courtesy of Princess Chelsea and Franklin Rd
Special thanks to: Professional Lighting Services, Kingsize Studios, Rocket Rentals, Transformer Film (Craig Muirhead), Chelsea Nikkel and Franklin Rd, Superior Hair, Hollywood Props, Krukziener Properties, Civic Video Grey Lynn, Jon Bridges, Edward Clendon, Johnson & Laird, BCM Creatives, Auckland District Health Board.


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Lea’s story: “I’m Lea and I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice. I decided I didn’t want to go through this again, so my surgeon performed a bi-lateral mastectomy. My journey has been frightening and uplifting (no pun intended). It has shown my strength and my weaknesses. It’s taught me there’s beauty in imperfection and made me value my life. Plus my Breasts will still be perky when I’m 80, but at least I will get to be 80! Early detection saved my life ‘twice’ and for that I’ll always feel extremely lucky to be breast cancer ‘free’ for 8 years.”

Talent: Lea Deveareux
Director: Damien Shatford
Producer: Ben Dailey
MD: George Mackenzie
IV DOP: Shaun Pettigrew
IV Make Up: Miranda Raman
Editor: Damien Shatford
Sound Design/Mix: Claire Cowan
Production Company: The Sweetshop
Special thanks to: Broadcast NZ
Special thanks to: Native Tongue
Special thanks to: Melanie Bridge


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Marilyn’s story: “My name’s Marilyn, I’m from the Waikato and opened my hairdressing business called Marilyn’s, in Remuera in 1977 and haven’t looked back. I enjoy yoga several times a week, lots of walking and travelling. I have no family history of breast cancer but I was diagnosed in April 2010 by my annual mammogram. As the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes, I had a lumpectomy, followed by chemotherapy for 3 months and radiotherapy for 5 weeks. But I’ve remained fit and healthy since then – so far so good!”

Talent: Marilyn Whelan
Talent: Rex Walker
Talent: The staff of Marilyn’s
Executive Producer: James Moore
Director: Luke Savage
Producer: Leela Menon
DOP: Marty Williams
Sound Recordist: Gabriel Muller
Offline Editor: Nathan Pickles
Online Facility/Grade: Fish Digital
Online Editors: Andrew Timms & Mat Ellin
Sound Design/Mix: Liquid Studios
Music Composition: Peter Van Der Fluit
Special thanks to: Professional Lighting Services
Kingsize Studios


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Fiona’s story: “My name is Fiona Boyd and I’m 47 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of 2011. Sure it’s been tough emotionally, physically and spiritually but it has also given me time to think, to heal and to find out who Fiona really is. I like her. She is a really strong, independent kind and loving wahine. She is full of life and has a fun sense of humor. She is proud of her country and her culture. When life sends you lemons get the tequila out and have some fun.”

Talent: Fiona Boyd
Producer Scotland: Vivienne Jaspers
Producer NZ: Carne Bidwell
DOP: David Boni
Stills Photographer: Amelia Jacobsen
Editor: Richard Shaw
Music: Dean Roberts
Data Wrangler/2nd Camera Op: Mr. Mark Bogus
Sound Recordist: Graeme Deacon
Grade: Michael Robinson @ Blockhead
Sound: Dan Nathan @ Liquid Studios
Prodigy Films 2011


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Niki’s story: “I’m Niki Hastings-McFall and I am an artist. I live in West Auckland with my partner of 17 years, my dog Pansy and my two parrots, Lolly and Moochy. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was difficult, but I had help from friends and family to push through the fear to move forward. I’m now diagnosed cancer free and thoroughly enjoying living.”

Talent: Niki Hastings-McFall
Director: Zoe McIntosh
Executive Producer: Nik Beachman
Producer: Rebekah Kelly
DOP: Marty WIlliams
Gaffer/Grip: Fraser McKay
Sound Recordist: Mike Westgate
Editor: Cushla Dillon
Flame Artist: Leon Woods
Online Facility: Blockhead
Audio Post Production: Franklin Rd
Audio/Music Supervisor: Jonathan Hughes & Stacey Wah
Sound Engineer: Nich Cunningham
Production Company: Thick as Thieves
Music: Standing In Silence Parts 3 and 9 (R Sheehan) performed by Rhian Sheehan. Courtesy Mushroom Music Publishing (Paul McLaney) and Loop Recordings (Mikee Tucker).

The films can also be seen at www.saveseven.co.nz

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