Hunch and Hell’s ‘wrong deliveries’ bring the right results for MS Auckland

Every year, multiple sclerosis awareness week sees hundreds of bucket-shakers hitting the streets to raise funds for those who suffer from this debilitating disease. But this year, MS Auckland wanted to raise more money and more awareness than ever before. So indie agency Hunch came up with a way of illustrating the disease’s effects—and raising some cash—by shacking up with Hell Pizza and sending out a few deliveries to unsuspecting recipients. 

MS is a disorder of the central nervous system, which is responsible for delivering messages to the rest of the body. So when the brain tells the hand to grip, or the eye to open, or the bladder to wait, that message doesn’t always get to the right place.

Hunch took the idea of the wrong delivery to Hell Pizza, which donated a bunch of free pizzas and some delivery gear. And on the first few days of awareness week, companies and media around Auckland starting receiving a nice but perplexing surprise: pizzas they didn’t order.

The deliveries were met with confused faces, shaking heads and shrugged shoulders. But when recipients opened the pizza box, the message was revealed: ‘Wrong delivery? It happens when you have MS.’

Recipients were then encouraged to shout their office pizza, with Hell donating a portion of every pizza sold to MS Auckland. And that’s exactly what they did. 

“The campaign was creative, innovative and had a powerful message to corporates regarding multiple sclerosis,” says Therese Russell, chief executive of MS Auckland. “It created great awareness for our cause and $13,290 was raised. We’re extremely thrilled with this result and loved working with the team at hunch”.

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