Howdy, bro. BC&F Dentsu and Tegel merge cultures in new campaign

To draw the connection between Louisiana and New Zealand, Tegel and BC&F Dentsu have released a campaign with an added translation to help get the message across.

The new spot for Tegel’s Take Out’s American range is a fun play on our very different dialects. The campaign itself was created during lockdown, which managing partner Luke Farmer says wasn’t the hardest part.

“This was definitely a tough campaign…mainly because I was constantly hungry. I’m super proud of the relationship we have with Tegel that allowed us to work in a true partnership and deliver this campaign under the circumstances.”

The work was carried out along side production company, Toybox, who Farmer says did an outstanding job on the campaign.

Clem de Ruiter and Guy Perry, the creatives behind the work, say some serious bubble-based research went into the finial product. 

“What came up frequently in our DIY-from home research groups was that this product was ‘yum as’. We also discovered that cooking it was ‘easy as’. Upon further inspection, both points were found to be correct.” 

Angela Irwin, head of marketing at Tegel says the translation was done in a way that Kiwis would understand and appreciate.

The team did an awesome job of executing this all during the lockdown period, which is something to be proud of.” 

I’m not sure how fast a baby gator can run from its mama, you’d have to measure the babies leg span vs mama’s weight distribution while running at speed. BC&F Dentsu have pointed out that its the Louisanna version of ‘It’s easy as,” and seeing as gators can run 32km/h, that’s fast as hell.

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