Hollywood actors’ casting tapes see light of day with Sky and DDB

Sky TV has delved back in time to before certain movie stars were famous – featuring the casting tapes of famous Hollywood actors in TVCs as part of its its “Come With Us” brand campaign which kicked off last year.

The two TVCs have been produced by DDB, one featuring martial artist/actor Bruce Lee and the other comedian/actor Seth Rogen.

Each combines real footage from original casting tapes with a brief clip showing them in a key role, which went on to help cement their career. SKY has planned to create more of these, hopefully with some Kiwi talent as well. The casting tapes themselves have been online for a long time (you can see the full Bruce Lee tape here) but getting the rights from the studios to broadcast them took a whole year, says Sky brand manager Maurine Talpin.

She’s currently talking with Sony to get Aaron Paul’s casting tape for Breaking Bad.

“These tapes tie in with the ‘Come With Us’ tagline in that we’re trying to take people on a journey with the content, telling a story around that content to get a deeper level of engagement with what they like watching. The audience really loves the behind-the-scenes stuff,” says Talpin.

She says the TVCs offer “a bit of surprise and delight for the audience,” having never aired them before.

James Blair, senior business director of DDB, says in a release “SKY invites audiences on a journey into their amazing world of content every day.  We wanted Kiwis to see how far some of the world’s biggest superstars currently appearing on SKY have come on their own journeys.”

The Casting Tape spots have been running on free to air television since September 2.

These hard-won TVCs are timely, with numbers of Sky movie subscribers dipping slightly. Over the last year, the percentage of subscribers to SKY’s premium package of ‘Basic + Sport + Movies’ dropping by two percent (while the ‘Basic + Sports’ package increased by one percent).

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