Hey you! This is your last chance to win the Hyperfactory global tour

Hyperfactory’s Geoff and Derek Handley are offering to send a marketer on a whirl-wind tour of the US to to visit the best-of-breed in digital and marketing in the U.S. But you’d better hurry. The award entries close on Monday.

Here’s some awards guff to help your weekend rush:

Over the next 10 years, the digital environment will continue to transform marketing, communications, consumer behavior and branding as we know it—far more so than the last century combined. The key aim of the scholarship is to create a world-class alumni of leading lights in the future of marketing and give them unprecedented access to the experience, conversations and thinking of the smartest marketers in the world’s largest brands.

  1. To inspire and encourage innovation, future forward-thinking and global vision in New Zealand
  2. To find the emerging, leading lights from New Zealand marketing, exposing them to international best practices, people, ideas and conversations. We want to give them a window into the world of the future of marketing to take back home.
  3. To develop a globally connected knowledge base of Kiwi marketers to drive us forward

The scholarship awards the recipient an immersive and inspiring week-long trip to visit the global driver of the digital revolution, starting on the west coast (San Francisco and Silicon Valley) and ending on the east coast (New York City).

Included in the trip, the recipient will:

  1. Visit The Hyperfactory and our key clients including the world’s largest marketers—Nestle, Kraft, AB InBev, etc.—and discuss how they power their brands in the world’s most challenging digital marketing environment
  2. Visit some of the world’s leading marketing, content and digital enablers such as Apple, Google, Intel, Time Warner, Facebook and Pandora—and gain insights into their thinking and what drives their success
  3. Visit companies and entrepreneurs on the opposite end of the spectrum: Small and scrappy start-ups that are changing the future of marketing
  4. Visit with angel investment funds that back those companies that are shaping the digital marketing world

November 29, 2010

Scholarship announced at NZMA

February 2011

Judges announced, entry details available and applications open

April 4, 2011

Applications and nominations due

May–June 2011

Scholarship awarded

June–September 2011

Scholarship takes place


To document his/her trip in real time through social and mobile media, to blog and write articles, which will be published in long-lead major trade mags/newspapers/online

To present his/her findings and lessons to the NZMA forum upon return to inspire others about the global digital marketing revolution of which many New Zealand marketers are largely being left behind. To evangelize the future of marketing.


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