One idea to rule them all: agency thinking caps to go on as APN launches Herald Advertising Challenge—UPDATED


A release from APN: 

The Herald Advertising Challenge is now in full swing and we’ve had a great response from agencies across the country. 

To ensure your entry doesn’t interfere with everything else you’re trying to do in a day and to ensure all ideas from your brainstorm are fully realised, we’ve decided to extend the competition. All entries must now be received by 5pm, Friday 7 March. 

So whether your entry is at the fine tuning stage or if you do your best work at the last minute, there’s now a bit more time to get everything sorted. 

28th January: APN NZ has announced the launch of the inaugural Herald Advertising Challenge, an annual competition that aims to inspire and celebrate the very best creative and media work within Herald environments. And there are some pretty impressive prizes up for grabs. 

The challenge will showcase the opportunities for large scale, integrated campaigns that exist across the Herald’s channels (the competition is focused on the Herald’s print, online and mobile products, although campaigns could be extended to run across APN’s other regional titles and assets like GrabOne). 

The winning team will receive $250,000 of Herald media towards their winning campaign, plus two people will get a trip to the 2014 Festival of Media in Rome

“We know our industry is highly talented, so we’re posing the question ‘if you could do anything on the Herald for one of your clients, what would it be?’,” says APN NZ Media’s director of sales David Hoath, who came on board following Andrew McNally’s sudden death last June. “We want to encourage new and exciting campaign ideas; the Herald Advertising Challenge provides the canvas upon which these can come to life.”

Full registration details will be unveiled on February 4 with entries to the challenge open on February 10. Entries will require scamps, a media plan and a 1,500 word summary. But, as the website says: “All you need is a team from your agency (and possibly some of its partners), those sharp brains of yours, a client who you want to impress, and a killer campaign.” 

Competitions like these are common overseas, with The Telegraph doing something similar in the UK and News Corp recently launching one in Australia (Adshel also runs its Creative Challenge in this market). And while media owners obviously have to give up some space to the winners and fork out for some good prizes to get them interested in participating, these competitions do showcase the potential of the platforms and, as an added benefit, offer an opportunity for the media owners to approach the losers and try to convince them to run them at a later date (for a fee, of course). 

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