Got A Trade releases ad disguised as a music video

Got A Trade and Ogilvy NZ have created an interactive ad which looks like a music video with the aim of attracting young Kiwis into trades and services. 

The three-minute campaign called ‘Find Your Fit’ features New Zealand band The Hype Men, made up of Elroy Finn and Jimmy Metherell, as well as Eliza-Jane Barnes. Finn is the son of Neil Finn, while Barnes is the daughter of Jimmy Barnes.

The spot features the band performing their new single ‘If You Want Me’ while contorting themselves through unusually shaped holes in moving walls. All the sets – ranging from electrical to plumbing – were built with the help of real apprentices and trainees.

Launched on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram stories, the campaign also includes an interactive microsite where viewers can learn more about the various trades and services. Every time a different wall approaches the band, a link pops up enabling viewers to click through and learn more about the career represented on screen.

Regan Grafton, chief creative officer at Ogilvy NZ, says apprenticeships are a fantastic career choice, but the ad-savvy younger audience weren’t realising this.

“We decided to tackle this misconception by creating an online ad cleverly disguised as a music video.”

Donna Lewis, Got A Trade campaign manager says there are already 145,000 Kiwis in formal on-the-job training.

“And we need more. The problem is that only four percent of school leavers get involved in an on-the-job tertiary education when they leave school. We want to change this and we wanted a fresh, engaging approach.”

The campaign officially premiered at Parliament during the fourth annual Got A Trade Week.

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