Go Media is leading the Space Race and co-labs with L.A.B to celebrate homegrown success

“Just like the L.A.B single, we’re a Rocketship at the moment,” says Director Dean Shaw, who is responsible for overseeing Go Media’s aggressive digital expansion, “and right now we have massive momentum. It’s great to announce we now have the largest digital out of home network in the country. It really does feel like a space race, and we currently have 12 regions exclusively with a few more coming soon. Due to our national footprint approach, lockdown hasn’t slowed our development schedule, we just had to re-jig it.”

“Right now, we have the Number 1 network nationally,” adds Managing Director Mike Gray.

“It’s the largest, the most far-reaching, and we can communicate to 12 regions that no one else can. We talk to more New Zealander’s and deliver more impressions through a single network buy than anyone else and we are hugely proud of that. We went into lockdown with 50 screens, and we have since passed 60 after recently erecting our Tri-Blades (three adjacent sites that can be synced together) in Rotorua and our first Auckland CBD Spectacular on Beach Road.”

“Auckland is our main focus for the next six months where we have another 20 screens going live, so we will have 75 screens nationally by March next year, which include quite possibly two of the best sites in New Zealand for their respective markets,” continues Dean.

Head of Marketing Isabella Dervan advises: “We felt it was time to make some noise about claiming the top spot, so we reached out to L.A.B to see if they could make some beautiful noise about it for us. We wanted to celebrate both of our homegrown success as they are also a juggernaut that has ascended to the top. We’re promoting their upcoming gigs nationally and we have something special planned for our long term supporters which we are devising with the band right now.”

“As a New Zealand-owned company who work exclusively with local artists, partnering up with a company like Go Media was a no-brainer for Loop and L.A.B. We’re excited to work with another homegrown company, and excited to execute innovative marketing using their expanding footprint. Bouncing off L.A.B’s song ‘Rocketship’ on a campaign for our giant summer tour makes complete sense,” says Mikee Tucker, director of Loop (L.A.B label / promoter).

“The market really has woken up to our massive growth in the last 12 months but also to the ground-breaking work we have been doing within this new and dynamic age of DOOH,” chimes in Head of Digital Parris Downey.

“We’ve gone from using very rudimentary data insights and measurement practices, into being a hyper-granular and deep-data driven business that leads from the front. The Go Media of today is super-charged by pillars embodying the best-in-class examples of ad-technology, qualitative audience behavioural insights, and a pioneering gold standard in quantitative audience measurement. We’ve also recently developed a bespoke Reach & Frequency tool which has allowed us to be more accurate than ever before around screen audience exposure and can best reflect the power of a true nationwide DOOH network.”

General Manager Simon Teagle reflects on the last 12 months whilst his last four have been in lockdown. 

“The refreshing thing for me is that we’ve managed to do all this growth, expansion and innovation during challenging times whilst retaining all the best things that make Go Media, Go. It’s a rocket ship and everyone from our staff to our clients, to the charities and community entities that we support are all on-board for the ride.”

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