Whittaker’s fans beak themselves for a good cause

Whittaker’s is showing its support for our national bird, and Kiwis (mostly of the human persuasion) across the nation are spreading the word by ‘beaking’ themselves and posting the images to social media. 

This quirky campaign, which coincides with the recent launch of Whittaker’s chocolate kiwis, gives participants the opportunity to win a Whittaker’s kiwi prize.

So far 2000 people have entered to the Facebook competition, modifying their profile pictures, or other uploaded picture, by adding a beak to raise awareness for the chocolate brands partnership with Kiwis for kiwi.

Kiwis for kiwi ambassador Ruud’s beaked himself! You can beak yourself & be in to WIN one of our delicious kiwi: whittake.rs/beak

Posted by Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twenty cents from every purchase of a chocolate Kiwi will be donated to the charity that aims to reverse the decline of kiwi numbers by raising and distributing funds to community-led kiwi conservation projects.

Brand manager Jasmine Currie says after years of talking with Kiwis for kiwi, Whittaker’s are pleased to have the right opportunity to work with them.

“As a proud New Zealand company we felt that working with Kiwis for kiwi was a natural fit for Whittaker’s. We are pleased to support a charity working to conserve and protect our national icon.”

The hollow chocolate kiwi is Whittaker’s first ever Easter product, and they are testing the waters with a limited number available this year. However, Currie says there has already been “incredible engagement so far with the kiwi launch” and the campaign is only a week in.

“We often do social media campaigns for new product launches. It is a great way to excite our loyal chocolate lovers with new news and entertain them through apps like ‘beak yourself’.”

Last year, Whittaker’s held “the big egg hunt” in the lead up to Easter saw $204,333 raised for the Starship Foundation from the sale of one hundred giant eggs created by New Zealand artists.

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