Faces for radio (or a pillowcase set): Matt & Jerry Homewares is now a thing

Perhaps better known for their shock jock antics, infamous radio duo Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit with their latest business venture. 

Matt & Jerry Homewares is the brainchild of the Radio Hauraki Breakfast hosts who released their first product last week with a pillowcase set.

Featuring stylistically rendered profiles of the duo, the venture is an effort from Wells and Heath to “diversify” and “meet market demand”.

“We’ve identified a gap, and we’re filling it,” says Heath. 

“Homewares has proven a successful direction for many other exceptional entertainers including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Lionel Richie, however until recently remained an untapped market for radio hosts, in particular breakfast radio hosts.”

Wells adds: “We are a nation of homeowners and people aching to be homeowners, so branching into those environments mean we can fulfil the desires of an entire population.”

The pillowcases have been on sale for $20 per set through the Mr Vintage website, with the product reported to have “sold exceptionally well” despite the rather abundant indication of stock at the time of writing. 

To coincide with Valentine’s Day, Matt & Jerry Homewares have released another edition of their product with the Valentine’s Day Romance Set.

While the pillows include the same design as their first set, the Valentine’s edition is printed on satin and also includes a luxurious bedroom tarpaulin and romance beads, available for a slightly heftier $40. 

“Audiences and media channels are becoming so complex now that it’s time to go back to basics – and what’s more basic than the necessities of home” says Radio Hauraki content director Mike Lane.

“The demand for the Homewares range so far has been outstanding and we’ve seen a significant increase in audience satisfaction, engagement and any other media buzzword” 

The pillowcases are the first of many products in the range and customers can look forward to the release of scented candles, valances, lamps and diffusers coming soon.

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