From New Zealand, with love

Def Leppard sings love bites, Air New Zealand says love bytes with yet another clever and unique viral marketing campaign. Together with Affinity ID and Spoon TV, the folks at Air New Zealand paid a visit to Auckland’s international departures gate last night, recording messages from sky-bound passengers to loved ones they wouldn’t be seeing on Valentine’s Day.

The crew stayed up until the wee hours of this morning to put together this rather sweet and loved-up Love Bytes video montage featuring all those messages, complete with props like roses and blow-up lips.

From Air New Zealand staff to children, and even a lady who confesses her love for a man who already has a girlfriend, everyone gets on board. And, if you yourself are looking for love, one young man puts himself out there asking for takers to be his Valentine. There’s a few tears shed too.

‘Meerkat’ Rico was nowhere to be seen.

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