Flying Saucer teams up with Master Plumbers on new TVC

Wellington-based production company Flying Saucer recently worked with Master Plumbers on the brand’s new TVC spot.

Speaking to StopPress, Flying Saucer Founder and Director, Hamish Johnson says that the original idea had a more traditional comic tone with a kitsch voiceover describing one man’s inadequacy with his DIY plumbing, but Director Sam Kelly (Savage) wanted to find a more unique space for the piece and shifted genre.

“I liked the idea of treating seriously a man being tormented by a leaky tap, someone who sees it as a great battle in his life. There’s an inherent comic mismatch between how we treat it as a psychological horror with great stakes, and the reality that it’s just a dripping tap,” Kelly says.

The change in approach also solved a potential problem with connecting with its audience. “The original idea emasculated our protagonist by treating him as an inadequate man who needed a real man to turn up to fix the plumbing, which his wife organises behind his back. In the new idea, our man is stoked to have professional reinforcements turn up to win his battle with the tap,” he adds.

Kelly believes that the darkly comic tone will help the commercial stand out. “I love the sound design and score by [Savage Composer] Arli Liberman, which pushes hard at the psychological horror. Props to the beautiful dark work by Cinematographer Bill Bycroft. I think it’s a unique piece.” 

Johnson says that Master Plumbers were impressed with Kelly’s commitment to the concept and the creativity he brought to the table.

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