FCB, MBM help NZTA tackle motorbike safety

FCB, MBM and NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA) have launched their latest motorcycling safety campaign, aiming to motivate even the most seasoned riders to mitigate the risks on every ride.  

The campaign features experienced riders from across the country talking openly about their own crashes, the near-catastrophic results and the lessons they lived to tell.

While the behavioural outtakes of the campaign are centred around riding with the right mindset, sober, rested, in the right gear and to the conditions, as well as doing rider training, it’s all in the name of shared growth and building a stronger safety culture.  

Each testimonial serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the profound impact of split-second decisions on the road.

People on motorcycles and mopeds are over-represented in deaths and serious injuries on New Zealand roads. The risk of death or serious injury to a motorcyclist in a crash is 21 times higher than a car driver travelling over the same distance.   

“There’s a lesson in every crash. This campaign is about getting riders to share those often-painful lessons to stop others from learning the same way,” explains Alan Jones and Angelo An, Creative Directors at FCB Aotearoa.

“As one of our riders said; riding motorcycles is a beautiful experience, but if you get it wrong they can bite. This is the reality, and we didn’t want to shy away from it. Thank you to Tom Gould, in particular, for capturing this thought and elevating it with his know-how and craft. It was something special to watch.”

In the two TV spots, directed by Tom Gould and produced by Sweetshop, we are taken into the worlds of Rhys and Mathew – with decades of riding experience between them they reveal, in brutal honesty about their biggest learning on a bike, leaving viewers with no question about what can be done to avoid the same outcome.  

The campaign also features a suite of striking portraits, also shot by Tom Gould, featuring riders from different backgrounds, sharing simple pieces of advice, borne from their years of experience on the bike.

“We believe in the power of authentic stories to connect with people and encourage change,” says Phill Sherring, Marketing Manager at NZTA.

“By sharing the hard-won wisdom of these riders, we hope to instil a deeper understanding of what can happen. More importantly, we hope the campaign motivates riders to take the recommended safety precautions and to urge others to do the same.”

Launched nationwide from April 6th, this campaign leans into rider behaviour and culture to build out a story-led and dynamic media framework – designed to reach motorcyclists across multiple channels, with the right message at the right time.

Client:                                                                             NZTA – Waka Kotahi

Agency:                                                                          FCB Aotearoa

Chief Creative Officer:                                             Leisa Wall

Chief Creative Officer:                                             Peter Vegas

Creative Director:                                                                        Alan Jones

Creative Director:                                                                        Angelo An

Senior Producer:                                                        Natasha Gill/Sally Lankshear

Production Company:                                              Sweetshop

Director:                                                                        Tom Gould

Executive Producer                                                   Ben Dailey

Producer:                                                                      Larisa Tiffin

DOP:                                                                                Ziga Zupancic

Offline editor:                                                              Mariano Segedin

Sound Design           ​Craig Matuschka | Liquid Studios

Composition             ​Copra Recordings

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