Ebola madness

In times of crisis, the media is meant to serve as helpful tool in keeping the public informed. However, with the recent increase in the number of ebola cases around the world, some arms of the American media have seemingly lost their minds and resorted to blatant fear mongering instead. So, in an effort to draw attention to some of the differences between the British and American approaches to reporting, comedian Russell Howard used his Good News platform to illustrate how the Ebola story is being told on both sides of the Atlantic.           

John Oliver and Jon Stewart also shared similarly scathing thoughts on the general hysteria being caused by the ebola coverage.   

And in the event that its readers were starting to become concerned that they might be infected, Vox tweeted this helpful flow chart, which can be used for self-testing.   

And while there has been a general sense of madness surrounding ebola, the US president Barack Obama managed to demystify the disease to some degree by hugging ebola survivor Nina Pham after she was released from hospital. Not only did this act assure the public that ebola was difficult to contract, but it also gave Obama some positive press, something which has been markedly absent since he started his second term in office.    

(image credit: www.startribune.com)

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