Dulux gets the MythBusters on board to put its own product to the test

Dulux has harnessed the power of the MythBusters for its latest campaign through OMD to prove whether or not Dulux’s new ‘Wash&Wear’ paint is up to scratch in four new TVCs.

We’re sure many are familiar with the MythBusters, consisting of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman whose popular show features on Discovery Channel where the two have been busting myths since 2004.

Their show generally follows a particular format. They get together to discuss the myth or their hypothesis they want to test, which is usually based on an urban myth, like whether someone can die by urinating on an electrified rail of a train track (yes this is a real episode), or whether extreme stunts from movies can actually be pulled off in the real world.

They then come up with a ridiculous looking contraption or attempt a crazy, seemingly dangerous stunt to test the theory and set a series of controls or factors to see if it changes the outcome.

And as you might expect, the duo get to doing what they do best with this Dulux ad, seeing if the paint is really all it’s cracked up to be. In one ad they scrub a wall that’s been painted with the Wash&Wear paint with a crazy contraption designed by Hyneman to see if it comes off, it doesn’t.

In another, they test how easy it is to wash red wine off a wall (though we’re not sure how many folks go around spilling red wine on walls, the carpet is probably in more danger). For this test, with another of Hyneman’s contraptions, they catapult a water balloon filled with red wine at a Dulux white painted wall which explodes and splatters all over. They then follow it with another, filled with actual water to see if it washes off, it does. 

And while it’s probably fair for the scientific validity of their ‘tests’ to be called into question, given the mere fact that these are advertisements, the duo will no doubt draw many eyeballs seeing as their show is one of the most popular on Discovery Channel (probably along with shark documentaries). 

Dulux also throws in a clever MythBusters disclaimer at the bottom of the screen before they begin: “Do not attempt these trials or activities with other paints”.

Dulux’s website says: “At Dulux, we know our new Wash&Wear is the best we’ve ever made. But instead of expecting you to take our word for it, we brought in the experts – Adam and Jamie from the MythBusters. They do things to walls you’d never do to yours. So if our new Wash&Wear can live up to their demands, it will certainly live up to yours.”

The campaign will feature on The Block NZ which starts on September 28 and is also being pushed out through a MythBusters microsite featuring shareable content. The campaign will also include digital pre-roll advertising on YouTube, social media, and in-store advertising.

StopPress has contacted OMD for more information and is awaiting a response. 

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