Does your degree work in the real word?

University advertising has long been about pushing inspirational messages and helping people to see where their journey could lead them. However, America’s Kaplan University is bucking that trend, to instead put its graduate’s skills to the test in the real world to show how far they’ve come.

A series of videos online feature graduates (nurses and IT graduates) talking about their chosen field of study and why they wanted to do it, for what they think is a documentary.

The nurses talk about interest in the medical field and want to help people before the conversations are cut short when a cyclist (actor) gets hit by a car (driven by an actor) alongside them. Straight away the women jump in to help, identifying themselves as nurses and taking control of the situation. It’s not until paramedics arrive they find out it’s all a setup to see how they respond.

There’s also IT graduates who while talking about their degree are faced with the challenge of the internet going down. The woman ‘interviewing’ them offers up the IT graduates to solve the problem and all do it successfully. It’s then they find out it was a setup.

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