Do you know why Kings outranks Queens?

In support of International Woman’s Day, FCB’s London branch, FCB Inferno, is using playing cards to change the way we teach children to talk about gender.

Called ‘Queen Rules’, the project is inspired by a conversation with a five-year-old girl about why Kings are ‘better’ than Queens when playing cards. It’s a difficult question to answer as demonstrated in a social experiment posing the question to adults when they are playing a game with children.

While it was the children asking the question, it was the adults who learned the most as none were able to give a reason for why the King outranks the Queen.

‘Queen Rules’ launched on International Women’s Day alongside a series of live events and poker tournaments in which the Queen outranked the King. The players used limited edition decks of cards illustrated by sixteen female artists to celebrate powerful women of all different shapes and sizes.

All profits from the sale of the cards as well as the events and merchandise will be donated to ‘HeForShe’, a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women.

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