Discover truth, destroy lies by asking Axis oracles the tough advertising questions

The Axis Awards are just around the corner. And Andy Fackrell of 180 Amsterdam (quite possibly the most successful ex-pat Kiwi creative), Bryan Rowles of 72 and Sunny in Los Angeles and Dejan Rasic of Colman Rasic in Sydney are the three international boffins doing the judging. All three will show their work and wax lyrical at the Axis Creative Function on Wednesday 30 March (tickets are on sale at www.caanz.co.nz), but in an effort to limit the awkward silence that almost always eventuates after Kiwi crowds are asked if they have any questions, we want you to add yours to the comment wall. The best ones will be read out on the night by MC Oliver Driver, leaving you to focus on your drinking.

Here are some examples of excellent questions: ‘Andy, do you wish you stayed here and got a job at Y&R Wellington?’ ‘Bryan, you won a Cannes gold for a Nike spot you shot with Guy Richie. Did Madonna turn up and serve tea?’ ‘Dejan, you worked with Snoop Dogg. Does he like New Zealand?’

For more info on the esteemed judges, click here.

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