Delivereasy introduces ‘Mouthville’ via Colenso BBDO

Colenso has teamed up with Toybox animation to create Mouthville – an idyllic town inside a mouth where 90 percent of the conversations are heavily branded.

The series of 15 second ads revolve around all the great reasons to use Delivereasy – like being New Zealand owned, their help centre isn’t a chatbot, fast delivery, and being New Zealand owned…again. 

Andrew Newland, Animation Director at Toybox says: “Making good animation is pretty easy when you start with the kind of scripts that Zak, Jack and the team at Colenso came up with for this Delivereasy campaign. The outrageous humour, Slim Aarons aesthetic and quirky style had us drooling with excitement. We grabbed our embarrassingly large collection of figurines from around the studio and helped develop a method of animating these spots quickly, while also allowing us the ability to refine the action performances and do justice to these gloriously wonky scripts. Would recommend.”

Jean Mexted, Delivereasy Head of Marketing, says: “Mouthville was pitched to us as ‘a world that exists inside a mouth’ alongside some questionable sketches… and we were game enough to give this a crack. As the creative concepts rolled in it became clear that Colenso and Toybox had helped us land on something truly special: 50% wacky and 50% unpredictable, Mouthville is also 100% packed full of reasons to love Delivereasy. We’re thrilled to have such a strong platform to launch off as we show New Zealanders how Delivereasy is so deliciously different to the rest.”

Si Vicars, Chief Creative Officer, Colenso BBDO says: “Delivereasy are in a hurry – both to deliver your stuff, but also to become a great New Zealand brand. Creating Mouthville has given us a storytelling platform that we can obsessively write to. We’re excited to launch the first four spots, but even more excited to keep writing.”

The Colenso-led rebrand has not only resulted in 17 people getting the new logo tattooed on their bodies, but has also contributed to a significant boost in Delivereasy’s Spring order volumes. 


Client: Delivereasy

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Media Agency: MBM 

Other Partners: Toybox, Franklin Road

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