A day in advertising rendered in emojis

Emojis are on their way to global takeover. They’re appearing in all sorts of campaigns, including a recent spot by Spark for Morepork home security, which features a family of emojis that talk and think in emojis. Even the Pope has been emojified. Digiday asked ad creatives, strategists and account manage to describe a day in their lives with emojis, here are the results.

Matt Johnson, director of strategy and invention at GoKart Labs starts his day feeding his two dogs, catches up on email and bikes to work with a coffee. He spends time outdoors and ends the day with a glass of wine.

Azher Ahmed, DDB Chicago svp and director of digital operations spends a lot of time on his smartphone which seems to intercut most of his activities which include going to the bathroom, showering, drinking coffee, driving, eating, pooping etc.

Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro, Connelly Partners senior partner and chief creative officer is a morning person. She gets up, drinks green tea, goes running then juggles work and family all day. “There seems to be a lot of glamour in working in the creative industry, but there’s also a lot of running around and of course a lot of juggling,” she said.

Lisa Buckley, Publicis Seattle interactive producer drives to work in her blue Subaru and doesn’t feel human until she gets her caffeine hit. Then she perks up, gets ready and heads to work. The sparks and screaming face emoji are reactions to her client’s revisions. She says she ends her day knowing there are “more fires to put out” the next day.

Courtney Scott, director of strategic planning at Huge starts her day as slow as a snail until, much like the others, she has a cup of coffee to feel alive. Then she heads off to “run the world” (as Queen B says). She then has dinner and martinis and then passes out at 11pm. Phew!

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