Data dump: Moneyball

Like most other media outlets, we’re flagrantly tapping into cricket fervour and trying to shoehorn anything cricket-related onto the site. Thankfully, the Wellington data/cricket nerds from Dot have come to the party and, rather appropriately given the agency’s name, it has been tracking every dot ball in the Cricket World Cup. Here are some of the interesting discoveries. 

  1. Most dot balls occur on the second ball of an over and the least occur in the fifth. 
  2. On average you need to bowl 18 dot balls before you get a wicket. 
  3. 12,897 dot balls have been bowled so far.
  4. 45.5 percent of first innings balls were dots vs 54 percent of second innings balls being dots.
  5. Trent Boult bowled the most dot balls with 293 out of 462 balls bowled. 63.4 percent of his balls bowled were dots.
  6. Mitchell Starc had the highest percentage of dots with 65 percent of his balls bowled being dots. 
  7. Opening batsman faced the most dots with 2125, but they were closely followed by number four batsmen with 2045. 
  8. Trent Boult also holds the longest dot ball streak with the 16 he bowled in a row against Afghanistan. 
  9. Of the 47 games, the team that bowled the most dots won 45 of them. However. the team that scored the most boundaries won 25 out of 47 games. So the dot ball is more important than the boundary despite all the talk about big bats, small boundaries and bat dominating ball. 
  10. New Zealand bowled one more dot ball than South Africa in the semi final on Tuesday. 

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