Darby continues his mission for 2degrees

Youtube VideoAs 2degrees closes in on its millionth customer, Whybin\TBWA launches its latest 60 second brand TVC for them, The Mission Continues, with the inimitable Rhys Darby.

In the two and a half years since its inception, 2degrees has poached “hundreds and thousands” of customers off both Telecom and Vodafone. Using the humour and comedic timing which has made him both a national treasure and internationally famous, Darby says 2degrees mission is to “make life in this cloudy land of ours fairer and even more amazing then ever before” – even in good old ‘Palmie’.

“I had a Kiwiburger in Palmie once–wasn’t a real kiwi,” Darby reveals.

So, ‘where will the mission take us next?’

“Actually, it’s all a bit hush hush…” Darby says, quaffing back 2degrees cola whilst a 2degrees airliner flies past.

The Mission Continues campaign is also supported on the 2degrees Facebook page, where the agency’s digital specialists created the ‘Mission HQ’ which extends the mission into the online space. Here, visitors can get involved in future 2degrees missions, vote for where they want 2degrees to disrupt next and register their intent to switch from lack lustre or over priced competitive offerings.

Whybin\TBWA ECD, Andy Blood, says, “both the TVC and digital campaign demonstrate, in typically irreverent and idiosyncratic style, that 2degrees has grown up, but continues to focus on its mission to make life fairer”.

David Walden, Whybin\TBWA chief executive, adds: “we’re really, really chuffed with this one, as the bar gets raised higher and higher every time we produce another campaign for 2degrees”.

“It carries across a range of customer contact points including retail and customer care channels and quite rightly celebrates the success they’ve enjoyed in completely disrupting the telco market, connecting Kiwis and giving consumers better mobile phone deals,” he concludes.

Bring on the 2degrees Cola!


Agency CEO – David Walden
Andy Blood – Executive Creative Director
Connan James & Craig Farndale – Creative Directors
Natasja Barclay – Group Head
Nick Bulmer – Senior Account Director

Lead client:
2degrees – Malcom Phillipps, Head of Acquisition and Communication

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