Covid-19: To our StopPress readers

Dear StopPress readers,

It certainly is an uncertain time, with the rise of the global pandemic and now our government announcing a level four alert in 48 hours, it seems unreal that we are living through a time such as this.

Corona Virus has done some unspeakable damage to countries across the globe and seems to be revving up its engine to do the same here. Unless of course, we listen to instruction; stay home, stay away, and stay safe.

This is an interesting time in Adlandia, one of the first sectors to close its doors for the safety of its staff and those around. To that, we salute you. The first move is not often the easiest.

Now, StopPress is doing the same. We are shifting away from the company of our teams, to the unknown of working from home.

We are still here, and we will still be reporting. But please bare with us, because as the industry slows, so will we. We will try our hardest to bring you the best of industry news and reports when we can.

As I work from the confines of my living room, please know that myself and our StopPress team are here for anything you need and will keep cranking away as we’re needed. We look forward to receiving emails from our readers about new and upcoming campaigns.

So to our readers, as we stare down the barrel of four weeks alone with ourselves, our spouses, and our kids, we wish you the best of luck. And know, we are all in it together.

Kia Kaha,

StopPress Team.

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