Covers line up for Maggies glory

A diverse set of magazine covers will battle to be the best in their category and the country in this year’s iSUBSCRiBE Maggie awards.

The shortlisting judges have picked five covers from nominated entries in each group: Business and Trade, Lifestyle, Food and Home, Specialist and Sports and Motoring.

Several publications picked up two category placings, including Tangible Media’s Idealog www.idealog.co.nz in Business and Trade, Urbis by AGM Publishing, Remix Magazine and Pacific Media’s New Zealand Adventure Magazine.

The overall winner and individual category winners will be announced in late October.
Public voting is open at themaggies.co.nz for the next five weeks where the category finalists will be on show.

Voters will be rewarded with a $5 iSUBSCiBE gift voucher.

The judges for shortlisting were Leonie Barlow, journalist and editor at The Style Insider; Andrew Burge, CEO and founder of iSUBSCRiBE; TV presenter Jude Dobson; Herald columnist Rachel Glucina; Magazine Publishers Association commercial director Katrina Horton and Fashion Quarterly and Simply You founder Paula Ryan.

Business and Trade covers:

Specialist covers:

Sports covers:

Lifestyle covers:

Home covers:

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