A compendium of Christmas commercials

When Santa asks you what you want, always make sure that you don’t say underwear and socks. This is a decision that you could learn to regret. 

It is recommended that those who have fond memories of Jingle Bells from their childhood refrain from watching this video. Not only will this ruin the song indefinitely, but it will also leave you with the uneasy knowledge of the erogenous origins of that well-loved chime.  

Finding the right Christmas gift can leave shoppers running around like squirrels who have lost their secret stash of hidden acorns. Fortunately, one friendly, albeit inadequately clothed, Ukrainian man knows exactly what you need to make sure that you don’t end up like a bushy tailed rodent this Christmas.  

For every humorous Christmas effort, there’s also a nostalgic equivalent that sends you on a one-way train to a little town affectionately called Happy Memories. Usually, this advertising strategy isn’t all that effective, unless you add an ’80s power ballad to the mix. 

Upmarket department store John Lewis gets Aesopian in an effort that aims to pull at the heart strings, while simultaneously showing that its catalogue features alarm clocks.

Harvey Nichols rejects the giving notion and encourages people to spend their money on themselves instead of their family members.

M&S posits itself as a veritable wonderland of exciting opportunities in this Alice in Wonderland-themed spot that implores potential customers to plunge down the shopping rabbit hole this Christmas. 

NBA stars also used balls to do a rendition of Jingle Bells – the only difference being that this version is a little less risqué than the one produced by the Kmart guys.     

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