The Compendium: 9 August

Lionel Messi lights it up for Adidas. 

Need lunch? Then you need a lunch decoy (otherwise known as a blow-up doll). 

There seems to be a never-ending parade of tricked-out vending machines these days. And this one asks people to do absolutely nothing. 

The rebirth of Bebo (and the story of how a vast repository of penile art was created).

A follow-up to the guilt-inducing #firstworldproblems campaign for Water is Life, which had Haitian children read Tweets from the developed world, this one puts a name to the problem—Nkaitole—in this beautifully shot, heart string tugger. 

Chiddy Bang spits it biscuit style. 

The subtle art of coaching. 

Cookie Monster channels Icona Pop.  

100% Pure may be a “festering sore”, but it doesn’t look too bad from a helicopter. 

Sue Teller shows you how to make a mash-up. 

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