The Compendium: 29 November

“Sorry, I spent it on myself,” says the packaging on the toothpicks, paper clips and sink plugs that Harvey Nichols is selling as part of a tongue-in-cheek campaign launched by DDB London to encourage customers to spoil themselves.   

Dubbed by the New York Times as “the worst video game ever created,” Desert Bus, the brainchild of illusionists Pen and Teller, requires players to take an eight-hour (real time) drive from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada. There are no other cars, trees or scenery to distract you along the way. Nothing. This is simply an endurance test. And it’s made even more trying by the fact that the car’s wheel alignment is out, meaning that you have to correct the trajectory every few seconds.   

This running commentary of a goth’s reaction to Nørregade lollies will undoubtedly have people saying, “F*ck, she thinks…” a little more frequently.

Seth Rogen and James Franco did a back-hair-raising, scene-by-scene remake of Kanye West’s Bound 2, and it’s sensational. A special shout-out must also go to Rogen, who obviously spent far too much time in front of the mirror practising his Kim Kardashian duck face. 

The parodies are starting to roll in, and we’re pretty sure that Nigella is starting to regret being so liberal in her use of white powders.

Food comas are given a psychedelic tribute in this ode to post-feast chill sessions.

It’s becoming a little difficult to know where Ron Burgundy ends and Will Ferrell starts. So difficult, in fact, that it might be time for Will to hang up the gloves and live as Ron for the rest of his life. 

Armed with sonic screams, hook nails and acid drool, babies can be difficult to defeat in hand-to-hand combat. Fortunately, one father made this seemingly insurmountable task a little easier by sharing his his baby-butt-kicking approach on YouTube.

This ad by McCann Paris for the European Council on Refugees and Exiles would serve controversy-hungry Paul Henry well, especially since he will be making regular late-night appearances on New Zealand television in the near future.

Faces everywhere

Much like omnipotent deities, the Illuminati works in mysterious ways. And this leads us to believe that they put all these faces in obvious places to remind us that they’re always watching us.

Magneto killed JFK

​And speaking of conspiracy theories, the mystery surrounding the murder of JFK has finally been solved. It turns out that the mainstream media has been feeding us a rotten pack of lies for all these years. 

Nobody kills time better than Reddit

If this isn’t enough to satiate your procrastination hunger, then you can peruse Reddit’s collection of the best-rated posts of all time. 

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