The Compendium: 22 May

Granny gets extreme for Coca-Cola.

Delta flies the memey skies. 

Vodafone’s sick schoolkid moves.

Brazilian coffee brand Cafe Pele tries to spread tiredness via a billboard.


A good way to get people to recycle their oil.

Heeeeeee’s baaaaaack.

Ford celebrates the people of nature.

Gatorade loves sweat. 

Pizaa Hut shows the danger of selfie sticks (and makes its boxes into a film projector)

The Stocksons.

Rankin and TBWA London team up to create an NSFW vid that aims to get people thinking about sex even more. 

Continuing that theme, Durex Japan offers some SFW Karma Sutra.

Cadbury tells the tale of a grill bird to prove that puddles can improve your outlook on life. 

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