The Compendium: 22 February

The rise and rise of artificial intelligence spells out terrible news for us, with the end of all things seemingly just on the horizon. But it’s hard to fear something named Watson that exclusively analysis tennis – so for that we give this IBM ad a tick.

Oh pasta, sweet, sweet, life-giving pasta. Being a teeny-tiny ravioli parcel in this hellish world would be a dream, yet one we are doomed to never experience. Until now. Thank you, Parla for giving us a chance to experience what it would be like to be nothing but carb-y goodness. 

MAGA-themed parodies are a dime-a-dozen these days, but then again, there’s probably no shortage appetite for them (as long as they’re not the real thing). Words are great, audiobooks are great, so Audible isn’t wrong on this one. 

The mud, the stench, the mess, it’s enough to put you off having children, to be honest. But never fear, Vauxhall has a solution: a car that apparently doesn’t get stained by disgustingly dirty children. Or maybe it’s just so easy to clean you don’t have to worry about mess. Or maybe this car has nothing to do with little mess and is just a statement for the types of parents who buy them, that is ones who don’t fear mess. There is a lot of unexplained questions in this ad but it does shake up the monotony of the usual car-navigating-rough-terrain campaigns.

Having been accosted by strange men behaving erratically on train platforms before, we’re not sure we’d be as calm as these people are. But the song is a nice throwback and who doesn’t love spontaneous dance. We’d love a new pink ensemble too – even if this girl does seem more than a bit cruel in her exploitation of the people around her. 

Loss of gravity seems like a really unfortunate side-effect of running. We better not start just in case that’s a normal occurrence. Not only does tumbling through the air look pretty rough on the stomach, landing in the middle of an icy-looking lake seems like an even less fun surprise.

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