The Compendium: 21 June

This is not a bad idea. It’s beyond obvious that humans are wasteful beasts, and every day wastefulness like not cooking the food in the fridge is rife. 

Sixty-one strangers from different countries offered their bodies as a canvas to send a message to the world, a commitment to bringing people closer together. You’d think this was an initiative by a global organisation like the United Nations, but no, it’s travel company Momondo.

Yas Pride, hit us with your inclusive advertising. It is difficult to figure out the connection between this ad and SodaStream, and there’s always the argument of corporate rainbow washing, but as a standalone this is a good ad.

Oh my god, Nick you little sneak. Foot Locker doesn’t seem to mind the lengths you’ll go for their custom, though.

The stereotype that men should cry in secret is so regressive in this ad. Of all the angles, odd that they’d go down this route. In saying that, LG’s window fridges are straight out of the future and walking through stores knocking on fridges is the definition of a cheap thrill.

Seeing distracted parents with their heads in their phones while their kids are up to god know’s what is disappointing. This is an interesting take on that problem, taking the phones out of parents hands and putting them in a controlled environment for children to us.

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