The Compendium: 14 June

Life certainly is a ball in the New York City Ballroom community. Released by high-performance lifestyle company Equinox, this ad – timed for Pride month – celebrates the outrageous, the extraordinary and the truly athletic nature of the ballroom. Very Paris is Burning.

Imagine if babies could actually act like this, how terrifying. Thankfully all Evian is claiming to do, apparently, is fill their bottles up at the foundation of youth. Seems legit.

This is definitely the lowest common denominator of marketing techniques. Although it is a nice change from the global trend of comparing women’s bodies to inanimate objects to sell products, let’s just call a spade a spade – shall we?

We will not tell a lie, this is a confusing ad. Can ads proclaim ‘new theories’ when there are no such theories? That looks like one fluffy donut though – hit us up. 

Interesting angle to go down here from AIB. Having a suitcase as the protagonist actually makes little sense by the time you get to the end of the ad, but it’s memorable. 

Now, we’re no Game of Thrones fan, so we may be wrong, but did Play International inadvertently actually post real spoilers in this campaign. Who knows? Anyway, this is a good way to raise awareness for a growing concern.

Oh my god, how cute is that pink apartment complex? Dream home! 

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