The Compendium: 13 November

$13 pizzas for Friday 13th!

It’s Friday 13th so we’re celebrating with $13 pizzas!You know the drill. You must use the code word in store, phone or online: CANDYMAN

Posted by Hell Pizza on Thursday, 12 November 2015

Friday the 13th is one of the spookiest days of the year so the lovers of the macabre at Hell Pizza couldn’t resist the temptation of holding a promotion. Customers can order $13 Pizzas if they give the code word, Candyman. Hell Pizza promoted the special offer with a short video on their facebook page.

The boys are back. Our favourite pair of misunderstood testicles have returned in another hilarious spot for Bond’s. This time explaining their discomfort when the boss upstairs (the brain) tells them they are going for a bicycle ride.

If you’ve ever wondered, this John Lewis advertisement tells us the answer is yes they do celebrate Christmas on the Moon.

That last video was a bit too soppy but luckily British fashion company, Mulberry understands Christmas is all about one upmanship in the competition to outdo your relatives.

Finding a friend.

PSAs can be helpful, but also really creepy.

Owen Wilson awakens.

Apparently, there’s a deal for your weird noises.

We’re all family.

Extreme parking.

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