The Compendium: 12 October

Jake’s Worry Monster now has no control over his life, because he worries less after getting healthy and drinking POM Wonderful.

In the modern world, we don’t judge things on their appearance, so Bitfury asks customers to treat their product the same. Because it’s not the size that matters, but the performance.

Hitchhikers are usually seen along the main roads, where most cars are. Audi is not most cars. 

Fuji Film’s Instax is so instant and such high quality, it’ll fill your whole world.

BlaBlaCar opens up a brave new world of opportunities all while getting you from A to B. 

AT&T enlists the help of Jack and his Beanstalk to shout out their lack of fees.

When language isn’t some you share with the people around you, there is one place that is never lost in translation: McDonald’s.

With a story in every gemstone, Gemfields shares the the night lives of responsibly sourced gems.

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