The Compendium: 12 April

Yikes, this didn’t age well. While they did dare to dream, the Israeli spacecraft destined to be the first privately funded lunar landing has failed spectacularly by crashing into the surface of the moon moments before touchdown.

Wow, go cheetah, go. Apparently the most impressive thing about the cheetah is its eye (?!), and HOPE wants to use that as a reminder we should all get our eyes checked regularly. Cool.

This seems like too much power to give one tiny girl. Sasol – what’s up? #GlugGlug.

Sprite. This is confusing, estoy muy confuso. What repenting has this hater done to deserve the forgiveness of all those hurt people? We don’t know – Sprite wants you to stay fresh though. 

Well this just hits right in the feelings doesn’t it? South African technology company Altron has tugged the heartstrings here by showing technology following the circle of life. Nice,

Control, thank you for fighting the good, honest fight. Let’s end discrimination in sexual pleasure right now and teach young people what’s up.

This is a hugely important cause, and a well-delivered ad. Ad Post is helping homeless people get back on their feet by sorting them with a postal address.

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