ColensoBBDO shows the heartbreaking truth of real lockdowns

WWF NZ and Colenso BBDO have reminded Kiwis that as we celebrate coming out of Lockdown, many animals will never get that chance.

To draw attention to the illegal wildlife trade which sees thousands of animals kept in captivity for entertainment, abuse and financial gain, Colenso and WWF NZ have drawn the comparisons between our lockdowns.

If the sites disturb you, it’s because they should. There are some 5,000 tigers in captivity in the U.S. alone. While only an estimated 3,200 tigers remain in the wild. Tigers bred in captivity can spend up to 22 years in a state of lockdown. Numerous studies reveal that a life in captivity leads to severe psychological stress, infertility, and various other health conditions. 

Nick Worthington, creative chairman Colenso BBDO, says the campaign is meant to use our own feelings about Lockdown as a glimpse into what thousands of animals feel like for years.

“As we’re here getting excited about Level One, we wanted to remind Kiwis that not everyone leaves their lockdown. While, thankfully, we don’t have an illegal tiger trade in New Zealand, Kiwis can still be part of the solution by simply donating to WWF.”

Says Livia Esterhazy, WWF-New Zealand CEO, says this campaign is a call to restore the balance.

“Through this platform, we aim to educate Kiwis on just how reliant we are on nature. Over the past few decades, humans have come into closer contact with wildlife. This is now occurring at an unprecedented scale thanks to deforestation and habitat destruction, the illegal wildlife trade and high-risk food markets. This is creating the conditions that allow diseases that pass from animals to humans to become ever more common. The COVID-19 lockdown was the perfect time to start talking about this issue and engaging Kiwis to help us restore the balance with nature.”


Client: WWF New Zealand

Livia Esterhazy, CEO

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Media Agency: Hearts & Science

OOH Partners: Go Media Limited, JCDecaux, QMS

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