Cloudy with a chance of a tequila

As Germany fights off the last of its dreary winter season, Mexico is looking to spice up those spontaneous bouts of rain with a storm cloud full of its national delight.

In an invention that sounds suspiciously like the unlikely musings of an overly-ambitious drunkard, ad agency Lapiz set up a special exhibit in Berlin earlier in the month that showcased a state-of-the-art rain cloud that showered buckets of everyone’s favourite party drink/poison—tequila.

The cloud works by using ultrasonic humidifiers that vibrate tequila at a frequency that turns it into a visible mist. This mist is then condensed into liquid form and released as rain drops. 

In addition, the exhibit was only programmed to rain when it rained in Berlin, giving Germans that necessary (free) boost to get through another rain-soaked day in the city. 

Although the exhibit was part of a tourism campaign to promote Mexico as a travel destination, could this signal the way forward for bars? Their ceilings consumed by a shower of distilled delights? Fingers crossed lemon wedges and salt shakers are included.

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