Clemenger Group unveils new parental leave policy

Clemenger Group has launched a new parental leave policy for staff embarking on their family journey and pursuing career aspirations. 

The company, which employs 400 people across 10 agencies in New Zealand, will lead the way in how the industry supports parents in their professional endeavours. In addition to New Zealand’s statutory leave requirements, Clemenger Group will offer primary carers – regardless of gender – a leave entitlement of up to 20 weeks, paid at 100 percent of base salary. 

Partners will also benefit from a leave entitlement of up to four weeks paid at 100 percent of base salary, to provide extra support for employees who have started a family. This is believed to be amongst the best in New Zealand for Partner’s Leave. 

The new policy stems from Clemenger Group’s understanding that modern-day parents require realistic parental leave policies which offer a healthier work and life balance – now more than ever. 

This change will also help address the marketing and communications industry’s talent shortage, as companies continue to look at new ways to capture and retain the best talent. 

Strahan Wallis, CEO of Clemenger Group New Zealand, says the new parental leave policy is about doing what’s right to better support working parents and promote equality in the group. 

“As a group of companies, we reviewed our parental leave policy with the aim of helping new parents better balance work and whānau commitments and make it easier to continue their career with the Clemenger Group. Whether you are adopting or expecting your first, second or third child, it is a huge moment, and we want to be able to support our wonderful people during this life-changing time,” says Wallis. 

“Equality is the cornerstone of our people strategy at Clemenger Group, and this change to our parental leave policy is one step towards in improving our efforts to create and nurture meaningful professional pathways for all of our people.”

Wallis adds: “While it’s also great that we have seen a 12 percent annual increase of female employees being promoted to managerial roles, there is always more that can be done. We are committed to maintaining this trajectory of women in leadership across the Group.”  

The parental leave benefits will also be supplemented by broader support programs including parent groups and mentors, a Keeping in Touch program designed to keep employees feeling connected, childcare referrals and further support for parents at home.

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