Child Cancer Foundation calls on Kiwis to help kids fight the big C monster

We often use the phrase “fighting with cancer” to describe cancer patients’ battle against the disease. And that’s because it’s perfectly accurate. These people are fighting for survival, which is one of the biggest and most important battles anyone could fight. The Child Cancer Foundation has rendered the idea of a fight as literally and creatively as it could in its latest campaign, featuring brave children battling a representation of their cancer for the Child Cancer Foundation’s annual appeal.

The creative, by Rainger & Rolfe features the foundations three national ambassadors Paige, Webster and Sophie fighting a symbolic rendition of their cancer, in the form of their monster drawings.

The brave kids stand amongst a dramatic cloudy sky holding their weapons of choice, a water pistol, a cardboard sword and a lightsaber. Each of them has a determined ‘don’t mess me with me’ expression.

Child Cancer Foundation national commercial manager Jo Clark says Sophie, Paige and Webster represent children with cancer throughout the country who the Foundation supports.

“Each week more than three children in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer and at any given time our team is assisting more than 500 families nationwide – offering support in hospital, at home and in the community.”

Clark is looking to raise awareness of the vital support the Child Cancer Foundation offers to children with cancer and their families ahead of this year’s annual street appeal on 18t and 19 March 2016.

“Through our work we aim to build resilience in families by offering emotional, financial and practical support to help reduce the impact of cancer, strengthen the family unit and help with achieving the best possible outcome for the child with cancer,” she says.

“As no two families’ cancer experiences are the same, our family support team offer each family one-on-one assistance tailored to suit their needs as well as a shoulder to lean on when times are tough.”

Rainger & Rolfe founder and managing partner Ant Rainger says: “These kids have shown such courage during their battle with cancer.  We wanted to capture the fighting spirit that these kids, and hundreds more like them, show every day on the childhood cancer journey.”

The multi-channel campaign will feature as part of an integrated month-long focus on Child Cancer Appeal month. The campaign will run animated digital ads as well as street posters, websites, social media and other collateral. 

The Child Cancer Foundation has also worked with Central Station on a GrabOne promotion.

As a stand-alone charity, the Foundation receives no direct funding from the government, so it relies on the generosity of New Zealanders to support its cause. 

The public can make an instant $3 donation to the Foundation by texting ‘HELP’ to 833 or visiting its website to make a donation of choice.


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