Changing history: Newcastle goes back in time for Independence Day celebrations—UPDATED

July 4 is a day where Americans wave flags, set off fireworks and marvel at their immense power. Plenty of brands jump on that bandwagon and tap into this intense patriotism, but renowned cheeky bastards and advocates of ‘No Bollocks’ Newcastle Brown Ale have decided to go the other way and, with the help of Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Hurley and Zachary Quinto, show everyone how much better America would be if the Brits had won. 

Merchant also shows how much more shaggable the US accent would be. 

Elizabeth Hurley has also offered an cursing apology, 

And it even managed to find a mercenary traitor in the form of Zachary Quinto. 

And, just as it did with its very funny ‘if we made a Superbowl ad,’ it continued the hypothetical approach with a series of videos showing other things that would be better had the result been different. 

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