Can you handle solitary confinement?

Ever wondered what it’s like for prisoners in solitary confinement? The Guardian is letting its audience step inside a cell, via virtual reality, and experience solitary confinement in disturbing detail.

While prisoners can be in solitary confinement for years, 6×9: a virtual experience of solitary confinement lasts nine minutes. However, that might be long enough for some as the voices of seven people, six men and one woman, who have spent time in solitary confinement can be heard while the user gazes around the cell.

They talk about how “after a while things start to slip”, figures start to appear in the paint chips, the toilet that drips and the high rates of suicide and self harm, all while the banging of a prisoner on the door can be heard.

The Guardian worked with Solitary Watch, a web-based project aimed at making the widespread use of solitary confinement public knowledge, to interview prisoners with the purpose of demonstrating how solitary confinement can affect the minds of those in it.

The 360-degree video is intended to be used with a headset, but for those without one, a teaser can be experienced below.

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