Burgers for gamers

Burger King and its Spanish agency Lola MullenLowe have made the dreams of gamers come true by teaming up with Sony Playstation to deliver burgers to gamers.

Called ‘Burger Clan’, the delivery service allows those playing to request their food in-game, with pro gamers taking their orders.

The pro gamers can enter some of the most popular games to help online players complete their missions before taking the order and arranging it to be delivered via Burger King’s existing delivery service (which has been available since 2014).

In a statement, Burger King Spain’s marketing director, Bianca Shen, said: “’Burger Clan’ is a creative disruption in both the home delivery and gaming worlds and it strikes a great balance between useful and fun. As a brand, we love acting differently but with a strong purpose and relevance. ‘Burger Clan’ is a great example of this thinking.”

The service kicks off 28 April.

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