Bum promotes neck as new Tui Blond bottle goes for a slide

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Not getting enough taste from your regular beer? Want more ‘aggravation’ before the sweet, sweet nectar touches your lips? Think drinking out of a glass is for losers? Well then, DB has come to the rescue with its new vortex bottle for Tui blond and the new innovation is being promoted in quintessentially cheeky (teehee) Tui fashion with the return of a scantily-clad yet awfully intelligent brewery girl. 

Supposedly, the small grooves in the neck of the bottle create a vortex motion as the beer is poured, which “invigorates the beer” and releases more of its taste. So to educate the masses about its properties, there’s new packaging and a new TVC, which was made by Saatchi & Saatchi and Waitemata Films and is scheduled to go to air on Friday 8 July.

It features three lads on a tour of the Tui Brewery in Mangatainoka who come across a “senior brewer”. She then explains how the new spiral neck bottle enhances the drinking experience of the country’s best premium lager in the only logical way: by stripping off, heading down a hydroslide and then picking her orange bikini bottoms out of her well-toned posterior.

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