Bread and butter get real

Bakers Delight has released its new long-term brand strategy and it’s decided to focus on the expertise and authenticity of its bakers and baking methods and tap into the “growing consumer demand for fresh, natural and above all real produce”. And how ’bout some simple, pleasurable Mainland butter to go with that crusty loaf?

Slightly concerningly, the shift to realness is supposedly a major repositioning of the business and Chris Caldwell, general manager at Bakers Delight, says the big difference is the ability it has to deliver bread baked from scratch everyday using traditional methods, without preservatives, something he says sets it apart from its major competitors.

Caldwell says research identified that consumers were unclear about what ‘fresh’ bread is and were unwittingly buying bread that claimed to be fresh, when it could be days old.

“Our brand communications will reinforce that all Bakers Delight bread is handcrafted and baked fresh, from scratch each day. These are principals that the network was founded on, so it’s a case of the brand getting back to its roots,” he says. “…We’ve always had a strong brand but it was time for us to revise our brand position in order to achieve our growth targets.”

The brand reinvigoration project is focused on Bakers Delight’s traditional bread range with the underlying philosophy – real bread, real people, real delight – underpinning the new tagline, ‘We’re for Real’. This will appear in all communications and the brand rejig comes at an appropriate time: Bakers Delight, which now feeds an average 2.5 million customers across New Zealand and Australia each week, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

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The new branding will feature in in-store merchandising, packaging, uniforms, digital and TV advertising across all 32 bakeries in New Zealand and Caldwell says it is hoped it will contribute to 4 – 5 percent growth globally.

Of course, other research shows nothing goes better with bread than a big slab of butter. And a new campaign from Colenso BBDO hopes to get Kiwis eating more of the Mainland variety.

Krystel Houghton, account manager at Colenso BBDO, says that over the past decade consumers have moved away from butter for health/convenience reasons to spreads. So the agency wanted to remind them that Mainland Butter is a ‘Simple Pleasure’.

“It’s natural and delicious and all you need to turn food into a wee slice of heaven,” she says.

Four TVCs will demonstrates this simple pleasure, with spots on the potato and toast (already TVC of the week winners) already released and spots on peas and corn to come over summer. The TVC’s were shot by Prodigy Films and director Felicity Morgan-Rhind, and were shot with a mix of 35mm film and stop frame animation.

“It was an action packed two days, with three studios, 64 models and a film company record of 58 shots in a day,” she says.

A series of tongue in cheek ‘simple recipes’ will also be included in supermarkets and on partner products such as Ploughman’s Bread, Raisin Toast and English Muffins.

And online, the ‘simple recipe’ idea will be extended into webisodes called “A Simple Pleasure” with Simon Gault, who will share tips, tricks and twists to recipes using Mainland Butter which will be engaging and entertaining content for Kiwis to seek out. They will go live around 18 July. And there are also some blind tastings and a celebrity debate in the pipeline.

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