Brandspank gives Sky the fingers

Youtube VideoFirst they gave the All Blacks a sausage and now Brandspank has brought a new meaning to the term digital marketing with a campaign to launch Sky’s new Android mobile app. 

When it comes to apps, the popular ones generally either offer utility or gimmickry, and Sky’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app, which was launched in April last year and was developed by Smudge Apps in Christchurch, focused on the former by offering search functionality, remote recording, reminders and social media connectivity.

According to chief executive John Fellet, its popularity exceeded expectations and it has had over 210,000 downloads. It also won best mobile app at the 2011 Net Guide awards.

According to producer Kurt Bradley, Brandspank’s delivery of the ‘SKY at your fingertips’ campaign included creative (TV, print ads, web banners and EDMs), design and direction, in this case using a combination of shot elements, animation, hand crafted sets and complex motion tracking.

“We’re really happy with the creative,” says Tammy Smith, digital product marketing manager at SKY. “It’s perfectly matched to our product as well as an original way of adding interest and personalising our offering.”

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