Bottles given life after Coke

Coca-Cola has been on something of a self-flagellation mission of late in its advertising campaigns. In what can be seen as an effort to undo some of the environmental harm it has done due to the sheer number of empty plastic bottles strewn all over the world, the company has been focused on relaying a strong recycling message in many of its recent campaigns. 

The latest addition to this trend comes from Ogilvy & Mather China, which recently launched a series of 16 innovative caps that give Coke bottles a second life after the sugary liquid they carry has been finished.

Over the course of the campaign, Coca-Cola distributed 40,000 free bottle caps throughout Thailand and Indonesia in an attempt to discourage soda drinkers from simply discarding the bottles on the street.     

And the decision to target Indonesia wasn’t made randomly. A short documentary recently showed how severely the archipelago was being affected by the scourge of litter.


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